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Rampart Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Rampart Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Water Right Evaluations and Analysis

We are experienced at completing historical consumptive use analysis of water rights, evaluating stream depletions, and evaluating recharge potential. We have extensive experience relating to the development of water within Colorado’s water law system and have been involved with river administration, legal activities, and other developments within various river basins throughout the State. We have staff that has been recognized in Water Court as experts in Water Resources Engineering, Water Rights Administration, and Water Right Evaluations. We have also completed dry-year analysis on water rights to determine the firm yield for planning purposes, water right acquisitions and possible replacement purposes. Other evaluations include determination of stream depletions from irrigation or industrial wells, and from stream losses due to gravel mining operations.

Specific Project Experience

Arkansas & South Platte River Basin Roundtables

The Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) Phase I Report, published in 2004, identified municipal and industrial (M&I) water demand projections for the year 2030 for all major river basins in Colorado, including the South Platte and Arkansas River Basins. Applegate Group, Inc. was selected as part of the technical team to assist these basins with their water needs assessment.  Specifically, we assisted the Roundtable in addressing changes that have or are anticipated to have an effect on the basin’s water availability and overall supply gap. We evaluated potential changes in river administration from the State Engineer’s Office, and other effects due to recapture of reusable water or development of projects. Additionally, we served as Basin Advisors for both the South Platte and Arkansas River Basins.

Nestle Water North American Inc.

Applegate Group assisted Nestle Waters in identifying potential springs that would meet their bottling spring water needs.  Upon selecting two springs that met their requirements Applegate Group subsequently has been involved in finding sources of augmentation water and also completed an impact evaluation of surrounding irrigation practices in the area of the two springs to determine the impact of irrigation return flows on the springs.  Applegate Group is also working on an engineering report that is needed as part of a future plan for augmentation water court application.

City of Rocky Ford

We provide ongoing water rights assistance to the City.  We assisted the City with a historical consumptive use evaluation for shares the City owns in the Rocky Ford Ditch and Catlin Canal.  Our services also include development of a substitute water supply plan, accounting and a change of use application for these shares in Water Court applications.

Pinneo Feedlots

The Pinneo Feedlots are located near Brush, Colorado and utilize water from wells previously augmented by the Groundwater Appropriators of the South Platte (GASP).  We provide engineering support to identify new water rights to purchase as a replacement source and to develop a plan of augmentation.  We developed a substitute water supply plan and a Water Court application for a plan of augmentation.

Pulte Homes

We completed a peer review of studies concerning a non-potable water supply for their proposed development located in the north part of Broomfield.  We also identified alternative solutions to a proposed $20,000,000 pipeline that was to deliver the non-potable water supplies.  Our recommended alternative was adopted and resulted in a savings of approximately $15,000,000.  We also represent Pulte Homes in negotiations with the City of Broomfield for water related issues associated with the non-potable supply system.