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Lake Isabelle, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Lake Isabelle, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Water Measurement and SCADA

We work with many of our clients to develop cost effective methods of measuring the water they use or determining the amount of water available at a particular site. In addition, we are available to analyze the accuracy of existing flow measurement devices by taking into account the site conditions. Our work has included the design and installation of measuring devices on natural streams, canals, open channel and pressurized pipelines, and a few other specialty structures. Members of our staff have attended flow measurement training classes provided by the Bureau of Reclamation and have significant experience with both the design and installation of flow measuring structures. We also assist our clients with the selection of dataloggers, remote monitoring, and automation equipment

Specific Project Experience

New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission Hydrographic Program

Applegate Group was selected by the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC) to complete an evaluation of the feasibility and implementation, operation, and maintenance of a Hydrographic Streamflow Program. The evaluation provides the basis for a decision by the NMISC to assume the operation and maintenance of the USGS flow monitoring structures, data collection and record management. Currently the USGS operates and maintains 130 Real-Time Flow Monitoring Sites and approximately 470 total stream flow gaging sites within the State of New Mexico. The evaluation report will be used to determine the future direction of the New Mexico Hydrographic Program and state-wide streamflow measurement requirements.

Colorado Water Conservation Board Hydrographic Streamflow Program

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) is responsible for several key water management programs including instream flow, compliance with interstate compacts, flood warning and mitigation, and data support to water modeling tools that require an effective developed water measurement network. Applegate Group was selected by the CWCB to assess the general needs of the CWCB Hydrographic Program which will include identification of key hydrographic program elements and programmatic coordination and management components and suggest an implementation plan to meet the programmatic goals and objectives consistent with the resources available.

Clear Creek Water Diversion Structure

Applegate Group was retained to rehabilitate an existing paddle station dam on Clear Creek in Golden, CO. The existing 1960's structure required physical operation of wooden paddles to check flows. The new 30-foot diversion structure consists of three (3) 10-foot wide automated spillway gates manufactured by Obermeyer Hydro, Inc. The three overshot gates are controlled by a PLC which is programmed to maintain a constant water level at the diversion location regardless of the flow conditions in Clear Creek. Additionally, the overshot gates greatly reduce the maintenance requirements and safey concerns associated with the previous diversion dam by allowing surface debris to pass over the gates.

Western Colorado Ranch

Applegate Group provided design and construction of an automated gauging station attachment to a parshall flume on an irrigation ditch on the ranch to measure flows and quantify volume of water being diverted for beneficial use. We also installed numerous datalogger s and temporary water measurement devices at strategic locations around the ranch to determine the water availability of several small streams and springs. This information was used to help the client determine how to best use what water is available on the ranch and determine if changing the point of diversion of several water rights would be beneficial to the ranch

Lafarge Remote Monitoring

Applegate Group was retained to design and install the remote monitoring and flow measurement systems located on the inlet, outlet, and spillway for Magic Mountain Reservoir, a high hazard dam in Golden, Colorado. Based on the water right operations located in the basin, real-time measurement of inflows into the reservoir were required for the exchange of senior water rights to meet current State Engineer’s requirements. An automated data collection system allowed the data to be collected by utilizing cell phone and satellite technology and recording the information to a website. The data can be downloaded from the website and provided to the State Engineers Office to operate the exchange in real-time. Additional benefits to Lafarge included reduced consulting fees for the site visit required to download information, reduced costs for augmentation water, and reduced Lafarge staff time to take daily flow measurements and monitor the structures.