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Sanchez Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Sanchez Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Water Master Planning

We have completed or assisted in the development of several types of water master planning services for municipal and private clients. Some examples are an Emergency Drinking Water Master Plan, a Raw Water Master Plan, and a Non-potable Master Plan for the City of Greeley. We also developed raw water master plans for the City of Fort Lupton, the City of Brush, and the Castle Pines North Metropolitian District. We completed alternative water supply analysis for both the Colorado Springs Utilities and the City of Fountain.


Specific Project Experience

City of Salida

We provided ongoing general water rights assistance to the City including water right development and protection.  Salida has a decreed augmentation plan on the South Arkansas River to meet its municipal supply as well as a project water allocation from the Southeast Colorado Water Conservancy District. Salida’s augmentation plan generates excess consumptive use credits, which are stored and later released for winter augmentation through coordination with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the State Engineer’s Office. Our services also included completion of a historical consumptive use evaluation for the Tenassee Ditch and support of a change of use application pending in Water Court.

City of Brush

We assisted the City of Brush Water Advisor Committee , the City Council and City Administrator with the development of a raw water master plan. The plan divided the City's water supplies into three categories, which included municipal water supply, non-potable water supply, and industrial water supply. The plan provided an assessment of the current situation for each water supply category, provided goals, and associated action steps for the 20-year planning horizon. We also provided ongoing general water rights assistance for the City.

Town of Kremmling

We provide general water rights assistance in the development and protection of the Town’s water resources in the Sheep Creek and Colorado River basins. Operation of the Town’s water rights requires coordination with an adjacent Ranch pursuant to a Water Supply Agreement. Additionally, we have developed an accounting procedure in coordination with the Division 5 staff to assist the Town and Sanitation District in tracking a proposed reuse project.

Conifer Water L.L.C.

Applegate Group completed a preliminary water resource assessment for a proposed conduit to serve communities and subdivisions along the Highway 285 Corridor from Bailey to Conifer, Colorado. The Conduit is proposed to divert water from the North Fork of the South Platte River near Bailey for potable purposes. Through our evaluation, we reviewed the anticipated physical water demands for the project, water rights issues associated with the project including existing augmentation sources that could be utilized to replace depletions, analyzed exchange operations, and identified potential water rights available in the area that could be utilized as an augmentation source in the future.

Castle Pines North Metropolitan District

We assisted the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District with the development of an Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP). Our component of the plan focused on planning for the transition from a non-tributary water supply to a renewable water supply for the District in the future. The raw water master plan evaluated water rights and water supply options and provided a recommended implementation plan for the District. We currently provide on-going water rights assistance to the District relating to implementation of the IWRP.