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Willow Creek Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Willow Creek Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Ground Water Analysis

We provide tributary groundwater analysis for many of our clients. We have utilized a GMS Model that assists in evaluation of the impacts of new land uses to the existing surface and subsurface hydrology of an area as well as the effects on nearby ditches and wells. We also use stream depletion and recharge models based on the Glover technique and location of the parcels from the river.

Applegate Group has also assisted clients insure compliance with the Rio Grande River Basin Rules. These rules govern the withdrawal of ground water within Water Division No. 3. Well owners can comply with the rules by joining a Subdistrict or operating under a private augmentation plan. These approaches provide a mechanism for the well owner to replace injurious depletions to the river system and to help maintain a Sustainable Water Supply.

Specific Project Experience

Gravel Pit Clients

For gravel pit mining operations, we evaluate the effects of consumptive use depletions to the stream system and have developed a lagged depletion schedule for replacement as shown in monthly accounting.   In certain cases, we have also modeled recharge of senior ditch rights for our clients.

Well Augmentation Plans

We have several clients that utilize water supplies associated with junior well water rights that create depletions to the stream system.  We model these depletions and develop a replacement schedule that is tracked in the operations accounting.  We have also modeled replacement of depletions developed through recharge of senior water rights.