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Stagecoach Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Stagecoach Reservoir, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Canals, Pipelines, & Diversion Structures

We provide engineering services related to the study, modeling and design of new water conveyance facilities, both open channel and closed conduit.  We design rehabilitation measures for poorly performing conveyance facilities and work assist our clients with modernization of aging infrastructure. Our projects have included a wide range of infrastructure including pump stations, pressurized pipe networks, headgate diversions, inverted siphons, automated structures, trashracks, canal lining and piping, and design of seepage control measures such as synthetic liners and pipe.

Specific Project Experience

2013 Front Range Flood Recovery

Applegate Group was retained by local government agencies and irrigation companies to assist in the rehabilitation of numerous irrigation and diversion structures that were destroyed by the flooding that occurred along the Front Range of Colorado in September 2013.  This ongoing work includes redesign and replacement of existing structures, incorporation of fish friendly designs for multipurpose structures, feasibility studies to design headgate repairs while also incorporating ecological benefits such as floodplain connectivity, and rehabilitation of gravel pit reservoirs and dams that were overtopped and breached by flooding streams and rivers.  Our team is working on permitting, design, water rights, construction management, and funding issues for our clients. Our engineered solutions have been focused on simultaneously repairing the damaged structures while incorporating flood protection aspects that will prevent similar damage in future flood events. Applegate Group engineers also volunteered time and resources immediately after the flooding to assist the Dam Safety branch of the State to perform emergency dam inspections ordered by the Governor of Colorado to protect public safety.

Windsor Lake Outlet Structure

Applegate Group, Inc. was retained by the Town of Windsor, Colorado to design a new outlet for Windsor Lake.  The lake will serve as an equalizer reservoir for the Greeley No. 2 canal that runs through the reservoir and as flood storage for two drainage basins in the Windsor area.  The new outlet was designed to control irrigation releases up to the decreed canal capacity of 600-cfs, and flood releases up to the 100-yr flood event. Rubicon gates were utilized to control and measure irrigation releases and help control flood releases through the structure. Construction Drawings and Specifications were submitted to the State Engineer and were approved in approximately 1 month, which is much shorter than the typical 6 month review period due to our approach that included involving the SEO at the beginning of the project.  During construction, Applegate Group provided construction inspection and administration services for the Town.

Western Slope Ranch

Applegate Group, Inc. was retained to provide on-going design and construction management services for 16 miles of canal rehabilitation that services a working cattle ranch in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.  We began by preparing a conceptual plan for the entire canal by evaluating the condition of each section to identify “problem areas” in the 100-year old canal.  Following the prioritization of canal sections based on a risk management approach, we suggested options for rehabilitating the high priority sections.  Design criteria for rehabilitation included cost, maintenance requirements, project life and protection of water rights.  Our design work included over 6-miles of pipe in unstable reaches, 3 trestle flumes, 4 inverted siphons, 1 mile of canal liner.  During the project, Applegate worked with the contractor to provide an emergency repair for a 100-ft long trestle flume destroyed by a flash flood.  Our emergency repair brought the canal back into service within one week.  Applegate has provided seven years of construction management, contract administration, and field engineering services for this project. 

Grand Valley Irrigation Company—Salinity Control Canal Lining

Applegate Group, Inc. was retained by Grand Valley Irrigation Company (GVIC) to assist them with preparing a grant application for the Bureau of Reclamation Salinity Control Program. GVIC operates and maintains nearly 100 miles of irrigation canal that serve approximately 34,000 acres.  The main canal is entitled to divert up to 640 cfs from the Colorado River for irrigation purposes. Applegate Group, Inc. work included assisting GVIC during the application phase by identifying reaches of canal for the proposed lining and performing preliminary design calculations and cost data for the grant application. GVIC was selected to receive the full amount of the requested funding which totaled over 3 million dollars. During the design phase Applegate Group prepared a hydraulic model of the canal reach to assess the effects of the lining on water surface elevations in the canal. This model was used to identify locations where regrading and reshaping of the canal could increase the freeboard on the canal which was desirable to GVIC from a canal safety perspective.  Applegate Group also installed multiple monitoring wells to assess the groundwater levels near the canal and designed a drain system under the liner to prevent excessive groundwater levels from damaging the liner when the canal is out of service. Specifications were prepared for the canal preparation, drain system, liner system, and shotcrete cover. Applegate Group worked with GVIC throughout the design and construction process, which often coincided due to the short window of time available during the off season for shotcrete placement. The first phase of the liner was completed on time and significantly under budget.

Timnath Inlet Canal—Boxelder Siphon

The Cache La Poudre Reservoir Company retained Applegate Group to design a replacement crossing structure for a 100-year old wooden trestle flume that spanned Boxelder Creek. The project contained some challenging design and construction constraints.  The time frame for construction was critical because the reservoir company had a specific date that water needed to begin flowing to their reservoir.  The ditch crossed Boxelder Creek, flowed under another irrigation ditch, and was then routed under I-25 in a box culvert. During the design phase Applegate Group performed hydraulic modeling for the Boxelder Creek floodplain and the siphon, prepared construction plans and specifications, and obtained permits from CDOT, the City of Fort Collins, and the Army Corps of Engineers. The final siphon design resulted in significant impacts to the floodplain on Boxelder Creek which resulted in the City of Fort Collins contributing a significant amount of money towards the construction of the project. During construction we served as the Owners Representative on site.