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Windy Gap Reservoir

Publication Date: 
June, 2013

Windy Gap Reservoir is located 2 miles west of Granby, Colorado. It is part of the Windy Gap Project. The project was first envisioned as the “Six Cities Project” by Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Greeley, Estes Park and Boulder in the 1960’s which was intended to provide future water supplies for those Front Range cities as an alternate to their using C-BT project water. The initial phase was completed and dedicated in 1985.

Four 12,000-horsepower pumps at the Windy Gap forebay reservoir lift water lift water from the Colorado River to Granby Reservoir through a 6-mile long 9-foot diameter pipeline. The water is carried eventually to the Front Range through Adam Tunnel and delivered through Colorado-Big Thompson project facilities. Much credit for Windy Gap’s success goes to W.D. Farr who was an active proponent of the project and served many years as the President of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy Municipal Subdistrict, which manages and operates the reservoir. Mr. Farr was a board member of NCWCD for 40 years, then served another 12 years as Director Emeritus from 1995 until his death in 2007.