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Lewis Lake

Publication Date: 
September, 2015

 Lewis Lake captures water in the Lewis Lake basin, which is located near Telluride. A dam was constructed in 1903 to capture water in the lake and from there water was delivered by pipeline to the Lewis Mine and Mill, which was a gold mine and mill located downstream of Lewis Lake. Later the Smuggler Union Mine Company, located near Telluride, acquired the Lewis Mine and Mill and the water rights to Lewis Lake which they then called the Head of Bridal Veil Reservoir. Smuggler Union constructed a pipeline that delivered water from Lewis Lake to Blue Lake. The water provided to Blue Lake became part of the Bridal Veil Blue Lake system that delivers water via another pipeline from Blue Lake to the generator at Bridal Veil Power Plant. The Bridal Veil Power Plant was originally built in 1904 to provide power to the Smuggler Mine and later also provided power to the Lewis Mine and Mill.