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Did you know? SWSP and Fall

Publication Date: 
September, 2013

 Another Fall has arrived, which for many means the return to school, the raking of leaves, and the start of the harvest.   For the Applegate Group, Fall is associated with another task: the renewing of Substitute Water Supply Plans (SWSPs). The SWSP is a document approved by the State Engineer's Office which temporarily authorizes new water uses which otherwise would be considered out-of-priority and disallowed. Many of the SWSPs that Applegate administers are approved over the term of an irrigation year, which spans from November to the following October. With a new irrigation year approaching, these SWSPs are now up for renewal. There are a number of different types of SWSPs, including emergency plans lasting 90 days, temporary plans lasting no more than five years, gravel pit plans which may last the life of a mine, or interim plans that maintain compliance with Colorado Water Law while permanent plans are adjudicated through the Water Court. To learn more about SWSPs and how the Applegate Group can assist you in obtaining one, click here: SWSP Brochure