Apple Gate

Government Highline Diversion  Dam, Photo by Richard Stenzel
Government Highline Diversion Dam, Photo by Richard Stenzel

Trusted Advisor

The work effort at our firm is based on building and maintaining relationships that often go beyond the engineering, design, and construction stages of a project.  We make ourselves available as a Trusted Advisor, partner, and a resource in order to provide the highest quality service to our clients.  We strive to preserve a reputation of integrity and high standards, while maintaining a solid commitment to ethical conduct.Trusted Advisor

We work with our clients to not only understand their individual projects, but their business as a whole.  We believe this allows for an enjoyable working relationship and enhances our ability to meet the overall needs and objectives of our clients.  We have developed strong personal relationships with our clients enabling us to have open discussions about key and relevant issues both on a personal and professional level, and to offer insightful solutions that may not have been previously considered.  Having a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, we are able to look at the big-picture and help identify potential outcomes or results that may also affect their plans or operations.  We can move away from focusing on the immediate short-term horizon to more long-term planning and evaluations. 

We feel that moving beyond the role as a Technical Expert and serving in the role as a Trusted Advisor gives an added value that differentiates us from other firms in our field.